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Book Review: Garden Crafts for Children



When I was very kindly asked by the publishers if I would like to review Garden Crafts for Children by Dawn I was a little trepedatious. My bookshelves groan with children’s gardening activity books. I even have a beloved favourite. Could this latest addition add anything new?

While I did come across the dreaded planting in a welly boot activity (a pet hate of mine), I was also pleased to see some new to me crafts too.


What I liked:

  • the alpine wreath. Never mind the children, I’m making this for me
  • tyrannosaurus garden. This is something my five-year-old will love. Just need to source a tyre
  • stop-motion bean pot. I loved this new take on growing a bean down the side of a glass. This will be gracing our kitchen table very soon
  • I liked the design of the book. It’s aimed at children and I could happily give it to my seven-year-old knowing she’d be able to follow it thanks to the clear instructions and pictures

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